Winch Bumper With Skid Plate $1,050, Optional Full Brushguard $250

Our winch bumper is manufactured with laser cut 3/16" and 1/4 steel plate throughout and is attached to the frame horn and frame cross-member making it very stout.  A 3/8 6061 T6 aluminum skid plate is also integrated into the winch bumper design to box the entire bumper into a very strong structure.  The winch bumper is designed to maximize the approach angle of the P38 without compromising aesthetics.  The winch bumper is built with the highest quality materials, workmanship, and finish.

We recommend the integrated style winch such as the Warn XD9000i, Warn 9.5ti, Ramsey Patriot 9500, Superwinch EPI9.0, etc.  Recovery points are not included because of the many different types and styles available so we have left that option to the buyer, but we recommend using Shackle Mounting Brackets or Dixon Bate recovery points, which are available at Expedition Exchange.  The winch bumpers have a very high quality powdercoating in a satin black for superior rust resistance and longevity.  Installation of the winch bumper is straightforward and very easy, only 4 additional holes will have to be drilled and the existing recovery point on the frame cross-member will have to be removed.  

Stock vehicles with the EAS will not have a problem with the added weight of the bumper and winch, as the EAS will provide additional air pressure as needed to maintain proper ride height.  Those that have converted to coil springs may want to upgrade the front springs to accommodate the extra weight or add some trim packers or coil spring isolators to the existing coil springs for additional height as the added weight of the winch and bumper may cause the front end to sag a little, both these options are very easy to do.  

The winch bumper is priced at $1,050, which includes the powder coated winch bumper blade, aluminum skid plate, hardware, and installation instructions.

A full Brushguard is available as an option for an additional $250, the brushguard is built from high strength thick wall DOM 1-3/4" and 1-1/2" tubing and is very stout. 

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